Freedom's TUBE is the Constitutionally minded American's reply to YouTube for NOT honoring our First Amendment Rights. The banning of Alex Jones for alledged 'racist' comments - the same comments Mr. Jones made regarding George Bush - is flagrant abuse of the power YouTube has over its members.

Nothing illegal, immoral or fattening will be allowed to be published on Freedom's TUBE. Any violation of this policy will result in your immediate and permanant ban from this communications system.

An Alternative to the 'Other' Video Sites

How many times have you clicked on a link only to find it was pulled from the 'other Tube'. Freedom's Tube is a web site dedicated to showing video's another Tube pulls in violation of your First Amendment Rights. Bear in mind this web sites topic is ONLY that which takes us back to the Vision of the Founders. So, please post topics only suitable to that. Example: don't show us how you pimped out your ride or other non-topic vids. Freedom's Tube is established to facilitate your ability to communicate and enable you to better synergize the value of your efforts as you reach out to others IN YOUR COMMUNITY to discuss these most important Issues. Enjoy networking with your fellow Americans in the county you live. Also, don't forget the big picture and check out the other websites for topics of interest to you under Americans Restoring America.